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<title > built by me </title>
<Content  Heading="sites I've been involved in" ID="the rest" CreatedTmSt="19-Sep-2001 23:35:14">
<P>Here's a partial list of the sites I've helped build. There are another 30 or 40 that I've completely forgotten about, but this list is fairly representative of my work.</P>
<P> For most of these stes there was a large team which I played only a small part in, and there are lots of other sites I've forgotten about, but these are the ones that stick in my mind for one reason or another, and in no particular order. </P>
<SiteList  ID="the rest" title="recent sites" CreatedTmSt="21-Sep-2001 20:13:46">
<SITE href="http://www.hedleyphoto.co.nz" title="geoff hedley photography"/>
<SITE href="http://sendmail.com.au" title="sendmail.com.au"/>
<SiteList  ID="the rest" title="sites I was webmaster for" CreatedTmSt="21-Sep-2001 20:13:46">
<SITE href="http://jobsearch.gov.au" title="Australian Jobsearch"/>
<SITE href="http://edev.com.au" title="eDev"/>
<SITE href="http://internetnamegroup.com.au" title="Internet Name Group"/>
<SITE href="http://www.flatmates.com.au" title="Flatmates"/>
<SiteList  ID="the rest" title="and some sites where I contributed a little" CreatedTmSt="21-Sep-2001 20:13:46">
<SITE href="http://www.tatts.com.au" title="Tattslotto"/>
<SITE href="http://www.harveynorman.com.au" title="Harvey Norman"/>
<SITE href="http://visapreferredseating.com.au" title="Visa Preferred Seating"/>