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<title > Articles </title>
<Content > C# and the .NET framework are fantastic, which is a bit of a strong statement from a committed Delphi developer, but it seriously is fantastic. Developing ASP.NET sites is much easier than either straight ASP, or ASP + COM, and they run faster, and are more reliable. What more could you ask for, apart from good support on Linux. </Content>
<SiteList  ID="software_sites" title="ASP.NET Articles" CreatedTmSt="21-Sep-2001 20:13:46">
<SITE href="http://www.eggheadcafe.com/articles/20041017.asp" title="Reading ASP Session State from ASP.NET">Microsoft has declared this task to be impossible, but Ian Suttle from EggHead Cafe has found it's quite easy to do... if you know how to make HttpClient calls.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://aspnetresources.com/articles/HttpFilters.aspx" title="Using HttpFilters with ASP.NET">Excellent article descriibing how ot use an ASP.NET filter to produces valid XHTML with WebForms.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.devx.com/SummitDays/Article/6666/2213?pf=true" title="Security Contexts in ASP.NET">In depth artiucle about security contexts n ASP.NET.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/04/07/CuttingEdge/default.aspx" title="Custom CacheDependencies in ASP.NET 1.x">Excellent in depth article about making ASP.NET Cache object dependant on things other than files. Highly recommened reading for anyone who uses the Cache object extensively (like I do)</SITE>
<SITE href="http://msdn.microsoft.com/asp.net/using/building/web/default.aspx?pull=/library/en-us/dnaspp/html/URLRewriting.asp" title="Url Rewriting in ASP.NET">In depth article about Url rewriting, which also does agood job of explaining the instricasies of when various events are fired in ASP.NET modules.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.wwwcoder.com/main/parentid/271/site/2313/68/default.aspx" title="Email Tracking System">Simple web bugs system written using ASP.NET. Has a few shortcomings in it, but genreally it is a sound article.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.devcity.net/net/article.aspx?alias=contentthieves" title="Writing an HttpHandler to deliver files">Simple Httphandler that prevents people from stealing your content files.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.sitepoint.com/article/1001" title="Build an XML/XSLT driven Website with .NET">Today, we'll build a simple dynamic Website using ASP.NET, C#, XML and XSLT. I'll assume you have prior working knowledge of ASP.NET, C#, XML and XSLT. The site source code provided here shows all details of the implementation, including error handling</SITE>
<SiteList  ID="software_sites" title=".NET Tools" CreatedTmSt="21-Sep-2001 20:13:46">
<SITE href="http://www.newatlanta.com/products/bluedragon/j2ee_dotnet.cfm" title="CFML using BlueDragon on .NET">BlueDragon is a Cold Fusion clone that executes CFML pages in either a .NET or J2EE environment, with full integration into the host environment.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.improve-technologies.com/alpha/esharp/" title="Improve C# Plugin for Eclipse ">The Improve C# plugin does: Creation of new C# files (with a basic structure), Syntax highlighting, Content assistant for C# keywords, Auto-indentation, plus... Full Compilaton Support</SITE>
<SiteList  ID="software_sites" title="Report related Articles" CreatedTmSt="21-Sep-2001 20:13:46">
<SITE href="http://www.vbcity.com/forums/faq.asp?fid=15&cat=Crystal+Reports" title="Using Crystal Reports with DotNet">Best page I've found explaining the intricate delicacies of using Crystal Reports with Visual Studio. If you cant get it to work, then try this page.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.devarticles.com/c/a/C-Sharp/Creating-Graphical-Reports-With-Crystal-Reports-in-.NET" title="Creating-Graphical-Reports-With-Crystal-Reports-in-.NET">Step-by-step article about creating a report for .NET using CR.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.codeproject.com/vb/net/DotNetCompilerArticle.asp" title="Compiling dynaming code">Excelent CodeProject article explaining how to compile and link dynamically generated classes.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.123aspx.com/redir.aspx?res=31992" title="MS Reporting Service">A report generation engine for Dotnet</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.fawcette.com/vsm/2002_03/online/online_eprods/crystal_rjennings_03_18/default_pf.aspx" title="Generating an ASP.NET Web Service from an existing Crystal Report ">Creating a Crystal Reports XML Web service and an ASP.NET consuming application is a four-step process....</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.net-language.com/CodeExample.aspx?i=655" title="How to create PDF files from ASP.NET pages with Crystal Reports "/>
<SITE href="http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/02/05/Crystal/default.aspx" title="Publishing Crystal Reports via VS.NET">MSDN Article about pbublishign reproting using CR and VS.NET. Talsk about using a webservice and caching...</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.amorphous-media.com/client_demo/xmlreports/student_app.htm%23" title="Active Report">Fantastic IE Only online report viewer</SITE>
<SITE href="http://authors.aspalliance.com/corporatecoder/Articles2002/CrystalTips.aspx" title="CrystalReports.NET Tips and Tricks"/>
<SiteList  ID="software_sites" title="Various dotNET articles" CreatedTmSt="21-Sep-2001 20:13:46">
<SITE href="http://blog.devstone.com/aaron/archive/2004/08/07/237.aspx" title="Bitmap Strangeness">Excellent blog article about how bitmap behave. Saved my code when no-one else knew what was going wrong.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;316934" title="Creating Excel spreadsheets using DotNet">Discusses how you can use ADO.NET to retrieve data from a Microsoft Excel workbook, modify data in an existing workbook, or add data to a new workbook.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/Graphics/ExplodedPieChartJD002.asp" title="Article about an exploded PieChart">Article about ot make a 3d PieChart with one slice "exploded". (ie: seperate from the rest of the chart)</SITE>
<SITE href="http://blogs.msdn.com/mkpark/articles/86872.aspx" title="DotNet Debugging Hints">Having trouble debugging with Visual Studio? Look at this page for a wealth of possible solutions.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.sqldts.com/default.aspx?265" title="Changing DTS package properties from DotNet">Excellent article that explain how to change DTS global variables from a calling DotNet application.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://nhibernate.sourceforge.net/" title="NHibernate">.NET based object persistence library for relational databases. NHibernate is a port of the excellent Java Hibernate relational persistence tool. Essentilal reading for all serious developers.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.devx.com/dotnet/Article/21308/1954?pf=true" title="Implementing Capthca technology">"Captcha" is an anti-spoofing technology that stop autoamted data entry on a web site.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://ipattern.com/simpleblog/PermLink.aspx?entryid=48" title="Code Access Security">In depth article about CAS and Trust Models. This is the second in the series and is an excellent resource, though it is vey hevy reading.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.codeproject.com/dotnet/DotNetBuildSmClnts.asp" title="Building Smart Client using .NET">Another article from the CodeProject... A Smart Client is a locally run application that automatically updates from a centralized server. This articles explains how to best achievet thsi using .NET code.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.aspnetresources.com/articles/debug_code_in_production.aspx" title="Beware Of Deploying Debug Code In Production">The title is misleading - this is really an article about how batch compilation works and how ti improve the perceived performane of your app by turing off debug switches.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.irritatedvowel.com/Programming/Standards.aspx" title=".NET Standards and Best Practices">Page with a very complete list of the industry-accepted naming conventions for J#, C# and VB.NET programs. </SITE>
<SITE href="http://livedocs.macromedia.com/flashremoting/mx/Using_Flash_Remoting_MX/usingFRNET.htm" title="Flash Remoting Pages">Macromedia Flash Remoting MX for Microsoft .NET is an ASP.NET web application that lets Macromedia Flash applications access and invoke ASP.NET pages, ADO.NET data, web services, and assemblies from ActionScript. </SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.aspalliance.com/articleViewer.aspx?aId=71&BpId=" title="Intercept and modify the output created from a ASP.Net page">Often it is useful to allow the page to be created, then simply access the output that is about to be sent to the client, but modify it in some way. The idea is to create a custom filter that the Response (HttpResponse class) object uses to write the content. The filter references a Stream object, so it is necessary to derive a custom class from the abstract Stream object. The Stream class has a Write( ) method which is where the code to modify the output should be placed.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.veridicus.com/platformdotnet/" title="Platform.NET">Attempt at making a truly cross platform architecture for use with .NET langauges.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.veridicus.com/tummy/programming/dotnetshame.asp" title=".Not, the .Net hall of SHAME">the author of this page loves .NET, but this is his list of the design fuckups that Microsoft "engineers" have made - he's hoping they'll pay attention to some of them and fix them.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.ondotnet.com/pub/a/dotnet/2002/12/09/ndoc.html" title="Article about NDoc">This is a review and explanaion of NDoc - the free documentation generator.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.goucham.net/docs/SmarterMailWebServices/" title="SmarterMail Pro web srevices">MSDN style docs for the SmartMail Pro webservices interface.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.fawcette.com/vsm/2003_12/online/dwahlin/default_pf.aspx" title="Maintain Consistency With ASP.NET Templates">Templates provide an excellent way to maintain a consistent look and feel across a Web site. However, version 1 of ASP.NET doesn't natively support the concept of templates. Fortunately, this isn't a major stumbling block because the .NET platform provides a robust object-oriented environment you can leverage to create custom template solutions. You can create many different ASP.NET template solutions that leverage the concept of inheritance in .NET.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/Code/2003/Nov/CustomWizard.asp" title="Cretaing a project wizard">Article expaining how to write a "New Project" wizard.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.codeproject.com/webservices/ipmon.asp" title="Dynamic DNS Webservice">This collection of VS projects allows public DHCP address monitoring by a service on remote clients. When the IP address changes, it is reported to a web service, and then depending on the options for the account, may send an administrative email about the change, and may update a DNS entry.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.flogas.ie/indymsg.html" title="How to use Indy's SMTP classes">Excellent page explaining how to use the SMTP classes under INDY.</SITE>
<SiteList  ID="software_sites" title="A few of the thousands of MSDN Articles" CreatedTmSt="21-Sep-2001 20:13:46">
<SITE href="http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/04/04/StressTestingTool/default.aspx" title="DotNet Load Generator">Article about a cusotmisable load generator application.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/dnpag/html/ScaleNet.asp" title="Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability">Excellent, although very technical article which covers Microsoft's recommendations on how to build .NET applications that perform as well as is possible. </SITE>
<SITE href="http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/dv_vstechart/html/vsdebug.asp" title="DotNet Debugging woes"/>
<SITE href="http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/03/01/LoadTesting/default.aspx" title="Real-World Load Testing Tips to Avoid Bottlenecks">Excellent article from MSDN about load testing. Very in depth and realistic in almost every area, and essential reading for anyone starting on a large web app.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://msdn.microsoft.com/webservices/building/columns/default.aspx?pull=/library/en-us/dnservice/html/service07222003.asp" title="Asynchronous Webservices called on ASP.NET pages">Very in-depth article about the performance benefits of asynchronous calls to webservices on a ASP.NET page. Essential reading for anyone wanting to make really high fast .NET sites where every page has a comparatively slow blocking call on it.</SITE>