Woric and Danny do Darwin
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Earlier this year me and a friend Danny decided to visit a mutual friend Alistair just before he left Darwin. (I know it's hard to believe but yes I do have more than 1 friend.)

All up we spent 8 days in the territory and had what can only be described as a bloody excellent time... 4 days on a furious road trip around the northern part of the territory (approx 3000Kms) and 4 days in Darwin.

Although the time in Darwin was by far the best part of the whole trip I don't have any photos of those 4 days because one entire roll of film didn't come out, and that really is a major bummer as it means we have no photos of Laura or Evelyn who we spent all our time with cause they were both very very nice to us.

If I do get hold of photos of Laura or Evelyn or the gang seeing Alistair off at the airport then I'll add them later - but for now you'll have to put up with just seeing the road trip.

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