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<title > hardware </title>
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<Content > This page contains the quiet PC hardware I could thought worth following up on. <br/>
However - the best place to look is <a href="http://www.silentpcreview.com/"/>SilentPCRreview.com/</a> as they always have the most in depth articles and best range of My current mission is to build a really quiet PC (which is a common goal these days) and preferably one without any fans at all. <br/>
<SiteList  title="Sound reduction hardware" CreatedTmSt="21-Sep-2001 20:13:46">
<SITE href="http://www.muffledcomputing.com/products.html" title="Muffled computing">Its about time someone figured this out - a soudtrap to put on the back of your PSU. Sounds simple enough, and its a standard recording studio technique, so here it is.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.siliconacoustics.com/nmt2.html" title="NoiseMagic fan controller">Temperature sensitive fan controller. German manufactured, but availabel at Silicaon Acoustics.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.inpc.kiev.ua/Fanmagic.htm" title="FanMagic">FanMagic is an intelligent controller for fan diagnostics and monitoring depending upon temperature </SITE>
<SiteList  title="Low Noise PSUs" CreatedTmSt="21-Sep-2001 20:13:46">
<SITE href="http://www.silentpcreview.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=Sections&file=index&req=viewarticle&3Bartid=56&page=1" title="Nexus NX-3000">This is a review at <a href="http://www.silentpcreview.com"/>silent pc review/</a> about the Nexus NX-3000 power supply, which is 5dba quieter than its nearest competition. I want one right now.
- I finally got one of these and it's fantastic.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www6.tomshardware.com/howto/02q4/021021/powersupplies-15.html" title="PSU Comparison (at Toms Hardware)">Excellent comparison of 21 PSU units.If you are looking for a quiet PSU then you MUST read this article. (BTW - It recommends Verax, Fortron and Antec in that order)</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.kustompcs.co.uk/product.php?view=1731" title="Morex 55w PSU (totally silent)">yes its a totally silent PSU, though only 55w so it wont power much more than an EPIA board without too many extras.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.enermax.com.tw/product.htm" title="Enermax ">PSU and case manufacturers. Their power supplies are supposedly "Whisper Quiet".</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.thermaltake.com/products/PurepowerMenu.htm" title="ThermalTake power supplies">ThermalTake Silent PurePower supplies.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.lex.com.tw/index1.htm" title="Lex Systems">Taiwanese manufacture of Mini-Itx systems, with some 60w and 110w PSU units and some excellent variations on the standard mini-itx applicaitons.</SITE>
<SiteList  title="Good cases" CreatedTmSt="21-Sep-2001 20:13:46">
<SITE href="http://www.antec-inc.com/pro_details_enclosure.php?ProdID=93700" title="Antec Solution Seriec 3700">The Antec 3077 - not quite as quiet as an Antec Sonata, but good enough.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.ocprices.com/index.php?rev_id=36&Bpage=1&Baction=reviews" title="Noise Control Stealth Tower with Whisper Box">Massivley noise reduced box. Almost perfect - the only potential drawbacks are 80mm case fans and a lack of hard drives suspension gromets.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://hoojum.com/html/instructions.htm" title="Hoojum DIY case">Excellent mini-itx cases</SITE>