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<? xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="woric.xsl" ?>
<DisplayPage  onload="javascript:CheckXsdSchema()">
<SCRIPT Language="JavaScript1.1"> function EnableXsdSchema() { document.form1.XsdSchema.disabled=false; document.form1.XsdSchema.style.backgroundColor='#fff'; } function DisableXsdSchema() { document.form1.XsdSchema.disabled=true; document.form1.XsdSchema.style.backgroundColor='#ccc'; } function CheckXsdSchema() { if (document.form1.XsdSource[2].checked==true) EnableXsdSchema(); else DisableXsdSchema(); } </SCRIPT>
<Content Heading="Prototype online Xsd valdiation"> Welcome to my prototype online valdiation tool. Any <a href="contact_me.xf"/>feedback or suggestions/</a> would be appreciated.<br/>
Technical Info:<br/>
This Xml validator is based on the DotNet XmlValidatingReader and is able to use either a client supplied schema or one specified in the Xml document. Although it is fairly fast, there will be a delay to load the schema from a slow web server and multiple schemas are only possible if you use the xsi:schemaLocation method to define the schema location. </Content>
<FORM NAME="form1" ACTION="validation_tool.xf" METHOD="POST" mode="two_col" Heading="Files for validation">
<FILE LABEL="Source xml data" NAME="XmlData" VALUE="" style="font-size: 1em;"/>
<RADIOBUTTONS NAME="XsdSource" LABEL="Schema location" VALUE="namespace">
<OPTION VALUE="namespace" ONCLICK="javascript:DisableXsdSchema()">The default namespace in the document is the location</OPTION>
<OPTION VALUE="xsi:schemaLocation" ONCLICK="javascript:DisableXsdSchema()">The location is defined via xsi:schemaLocation</OPTION>
<OPTION VALUE="upload" ONCLICK="javascript:EnableXsdSchema()">Use the file specified below</OPTION>
<FILE DISABLED="1" LABEL="Source schema file" NAME="XsdSchema" VALUE="" style="font-size: 1em;"/>
<CHECKBOX LABEL="Remove duplicate errors" NAME="DedupErrors" VALUE="1" checked="checked"/>
<CHECKBOX LABEL="Simplify namespaces in errors" NAME="CleanNames" VALUE="1" checked="checked"/>
CleanNames </FORM>