Part 1 of the XSLT presentation I gave at WSG


XSLT is a powerful W3C standard for transforming documents from XML into some other format.

When using XSLT in websites, the XML data is obviously transformed into HTML.

The benefit of this process is that the design of the website, that is the HTML, CSS and image files, are managed entirely seperately from the content of the site, which is pure XML based content.

This presentation will discuss how this separation can help with large websites, and will give some examples on using XSLT to generate the HTML on a website. Lastly, a discussion of using XLST for a XML based CMS system will be discussed.

Who is this presentation aimed at?

This presentation provides WSG members with an broad overview of XSLT technology. It does not try to teach anyone XSLT, and I am not suggesting that everyone should change to XSLT. The presentation simply explains what XSLT is and how it may be relevant to WSG members.
Pages in this presentation:
  1. Overview
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Separating content from design
  4. Sample XSLT Transformation
  5. XSLT Candidates
  6. Obstacles to using XSLT
  7. Which XSLT system do I use
  8. Helpful links
Part 2 contains the CMS stuff.
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