Part 1 of the XSLT presentation I gave at WSG

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use XSLT?

XSLT allows a website developer to separate the website content from the design of the website.

Does XSLT replace CSS or HTML?

Not at all. It works with HTML and CSS.

Is it well supported?

Yes, XSLT is very widely supported in the software industry. Almost every major software vendor has one or more XSLT related poducts, and there are products for all major platforms.

Why not use other template based systems?

Let me preface this answer by saying... if it aint broke then dont fix it.

Here are the reasons to choose XSLT for a template language: And reasons for not using a proprietary templating engine...

Are there XSLT editors?

Many of them, both stand-alone, web based and and then there are those that come bundled as part of a larger suite or integrate into an existing editor. eg: Visual Studio, Homesite, Eclipse, EMACS.

Which sites are best suited to XSLT?

Large database driven websites are prime candidates for XSLT. Sites with a XML based CMS system are probably already using XSLT.

Should I convert my site to XSLT?

No. If it aint broken, then dont touch it.
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