Part 1 of the XSLT presentation I gave at WSG

Obstacles to using XSLT

The first and major obstacle to developing a site with XSLT is finding people with the skills to develop the site.

The second obstacle is that hosting requires server side processing, which is more expensive than normal hosting. Fortunately, this obstace is easily overcome with money.

Advice for those wishing to learn XSLT

Any experienced programmer who can navigate XML documents with ease and is extremely competent in hand-coding HTML can learn XSLT in a few days.

But I cannot stress this next point strongly enough, those two skills are essential pre-requisites.

Before using XSLT to make websites, you must have: If you do not know XML, or cannot easily hand code good HTML, then learning XSLT will probably be an insurmountable challenge.

If you have a problem in either of the areas listed above, then my advice is brush up on your hand coding HTML skills and do a few projects that require extensive use of XPATH before even attempting to learn XSLT. I'm not kidding. If you cannot do both the HTML and the XPATH then go off and learn them thoroughly before trying to learn XSLT

What is the bext book for learning XSLT

Just XSL by John E. Simpson is the best book I've come across. Very in depth, well written and aimed at serious developers who want to use XSLT to make websites.
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