Part 1 of the XSLT presentation I gave at WSG

Which XSLT system do I use

Warning: extreme geek talk follows!.

XsltFilter - OpenSource

I use XsltFilter. Actually, I wrote XsltFilter. It is an ASP.NET filter that transforms the output of XML based pages into HTML. Once installed, it is very simple to use. This presentation (and my personal website) are built using static XML files that are transformed using XsltFilter.

From a development perspective, any experienced ASP.NET developer with XSLT skills could learn how to develop for XsltFilter in approximately 30 seconds, and most of those 30 seconds will be spent convincing the person that they already know absolutely every single thing they need to know to use XsltFilter... it is that simple to use.

Maverick - OpenSource

Maverick is a very mature Front Controller Design Pattern that provides true Model-View-Controller (aka. Model 2) separation of the design layer.

There are 3 versions of Maverick: I have used both the Java and DotNet versions of Maverick, and whilst the Java one is excellent, the DotNet version was easier to use because of DotNet's native support for Xml serialization and Xslt. The reason I don't use Maverick for my own work is that I prefer the Page Controller Design Pattern over the Front Controller Design Pattern, and the first person to prove to me they understand this last paragraph gets a chocolate.
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