Part 2 of the the presentation. Contains the CMS demos

In place edit-links for the CMS

My CMS uses in-place edit links for the content blocks. Some people who are used to traditional CMS's seem amazed when they see this as it is so simple to use, and they wrongly assume it must be hard to implement. It is actually easier to implement.

The basic concept is:
  1. You must use XSLT to figure out what HTML is generated. This is a pre-requisite.
  2. When in normal mode, the content block contains only the XML content.
  3. When in Content Editing mode, the CMS wraps a <ContentEntry> tag around the content block.
An example is shown below...

XML Content block

The XML for a typical content block would look like this.
<para heading='' >Coming Soon... (honestly)</para>

Same XML Content Block when in editing mode

When the CMS is placced into editing mode for the session, it adds a <ContentEntry> tag around the content.
<ContentEntry Key='Bikes'  SubKey='1'  SiteVer='1'  Approved='True'  ValidRootNodeNames='para' >
   <para heading='' >Coming Soon... (honestly)</para>
This <ContentEntry> tag is transformed into in-place editing containers on the page, and within the editing container, a call is made to <xsl:apply-templates/> which then automatically finds the standard template rule for that content.
A CMS block ready to be editing
A CMS block ready to be editing
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