Part 2 of the the presentation. Contains the CMS demos

Sample CMS page

This is an example of the code for a CMS driven page.

The page runs in a DotNet environment - it's a standard ASPX page, though I use an '.xf' extension to clearly differentiate the pages made using XsltFilter from other ASPX pages.

Notice how there is almost no code, and the intent of the code is very clear.
<?xml version="1.0"?> <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="styles/demo.xsl"?> <page> <MainPageContent heading="CONTACT US> <%= Content.GetXml("ContactUs","para") %> </MainPageContent> </page>
And yes, this page works, and work well. Those 7 lines are really all thats required to have a CMS based website.

PS: In this example, the 'Content' object has been declared in the Global.asax

PPS: I would normally inherit the page class from a custom written base class that provides the XML headers and <page> node, making this page only 3 lines long... but that would make the example less clear.