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<title > portals </title>
<Content  Heading="XML + XSL Portals"> These sites have lots of resources for XML and XSL. They vary immensly in quality, but in general they are very very good. </Content>
<SiteList  ID="software_sites" title="XML + XSL portals" CreatedTmSt="21-Sep-2001 20:13:46">
<SITE href="http://www.xslt.com/" title="XSLT.COM">The central focus of xslt.com is to provide the IT industry with an abundance of information on the subject of xslt, along with information on other related standards such as xml.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://martin.bernauer.at/xmlentity/" title="XML !Entity">This site has links to lots of XML resources on the Web which are really a collection of personal bookmarks being made available for others. (Just like these pages really.)</SITE>
<SITE href="http://xml.apache.org/index.html" title="Apache.org">Much more than a portal - the home for Open Source development on Apache. Apache.org aims to provide commercial-quality standards-based XML solutions that are developed in an open and cooperative fashion. Gets my vote.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.xmlpitstop.com/" title="XMLPitstop">The mission of XMLPitstop is to provide the XML developer community with a central location to learn about XML, locate resources and network with fellow developers. It has a large variety of working demos with downloadable sourcecode.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.dpawson.co.uk/index.html" title="Dave Pawson's Home page">Excellent source of XSL related trivia plus many real-world XSL solutions. Also contains Braille Info and details on the XSLT-UK 01 conference last year.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.topxml.com/ " title="TopXML">Great XML portal. Has heaps of XML resources </SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.kuro5hin.org/" title="Kuro5hin.org ">Kuro5hin.org is a community of people who like to think. It is a site about technology and culture, both separately and in their interactions. It is updated whenever interesting things appear in the submission box, or whenever your humble hosts rusty and Inoshiro feel inspired to write something.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://XML.com" title="XML.com">Excellent resource for all types of XML stuff.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.perfectxml.com/" title="PercectXML.com">PerfectXML Web site is designed to help you learn XML technologies and use them in your applications. We endeavor to provide the best collection of information on all things XML. </SITE>
<SiteList  title="XML Infrastructre" CreatedTmSt="21-Sep-2001 20:13:46">
<SITE href="http://www.xmlrpc.com/" title="XML-RPC.COM">The name says it all.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://weblog.masukomi.org/writings/xml-rpc_vs_soap.htm" title="XML-RPC vs SOAP">Within the world of XML there are two main ways to implement a Remote Procedure Call (RPC). XML-RPC and SOAP. This document will explore the differences between these two methods in order to help you decide which is best suited to your needs.</SITE>