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<title > projects </title>
<SiteList  ID="projects" title="Hardware projects" CreatedTmSt="21-Sep-2001 20:13:46">
<SITE href="http://openbrick.org/" title="OpenBrick.org">A small fan-less low power 80x86 based computer. So small that you can can fit seven (7) of them in a single rack unit! There is extensive linux and BSD support for these little babies and I want one.</SITE>
<SiteList  ID="projects" title="Worthy XML projects" CreatedTmSt="21-Sep-2001 20:13:46">
<SITE href="http://xml.apache.org/cocoon/index.html" title="An introduction to Cocoon">Cocoon is an XML publishing framework that raises the usage of XML and XSLT technologies for server applications to a new level. Cocoon offers a flexible environment based on the separation of concerns between content, logic and style.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.infozone-group.org/index.html" title="InfoZone">Infozone is an open-source project for the creation of an Java and XML based framework of components that allows programmers to create complex Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) applications. </SITE>
<SITE href="http://www.exslt.org/" title="EXSLT">EXSLT is a community initiative to provide extensions to XSLT. If your XSLT processor doesn't support a particular extension, you can download packages that you can use to provide functions or templates for your stylesheets. </SITE>
<SITE href="http://cocoon.apache.org/2.1/userdocs/flow/jxforms.html" title="JXForms">Excellent Xml based forms framework. Based on XForms.</SITE>
<SITE href="http://architag.com/xray/" title="XRay2">Comprehensive XML editor with support for schemas and Xslt. Well worth a look.</SITE>